Review: Space Hopper by Helen Fisher

When Faye was a little girl her mother died very suddenly. Thirty years later, that loss still hits her hard, especially as she has two daughters of her own and her beloved husband is training to be a clergyman. Then the discovery of an old box from her childhood brings with it something completely unexpected. Through the box, Faye is able to travel back in time, landing in her childhood home, where she meets her childhood self and her mother, Jeanie. Soon Faye and Jeanie become firm friends. But time travel is fraught with danger. And how much of the present must Faye give up for a few precious moments with her past?

Whilst reading Space Hopper, I had to go back several times and double check that the book had not, in fact, been written by Cecelia Ahern. It had that sort of a vibe to it, heartfelt, fast paced and with situations that are always that little bit out of the ordinary. And while this one had a very interesting concept, the storytelling dragged and parts of the story felt very over-written. That said, the story is original and inoffensive. There are some interesting meditations on faith. And the ending is certainly a surprise. 

Overall, Space Hopper was a light and entertaining read for a Sunday afternoon.


Thank you to Simon and Schuster Australia for my copy of Space Hopper.


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