Friday Funnies: The Evolution of Garfield

I rarely share Garfield memes on here, on account of most of them either not being funny, or being dirty jokes made by disenchanted former fans, but I thought this one was pretty cool. Who would have thought the greedy tabby has actually been losing weight all these years? 

PS The chronology on here is slightly inaccurate. Garfield's eyes became oval in 1984, the same year that he first stood on his hind legs. The picture attributed to 1984 is how Garfield appeared in 1979; the picture attributed to 1988 is how he appeared in 1980; the picture attributed to 1992 is how he looked in 1985. All other years/depictions are accurate.


Amie said…
wow that's interesting. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.
Kathryn White said…
Glad you liked it, Amie. Thanks for stopping by :)

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