Thank You

It's that time again when I have just packed up a number of book that have been recently reviewed on this book, allocating them a spot in the ever-growing library inside my spare room. Each has a sticky note attached, documenting on what day the book was reviewed and whether the book was purchased by me, won in a competition, supplied by a publisher or a book related site or the most precious kind of all, gifted to me from an author in the hope of receiving a review. And then I started thinking about this site and I decided that it was high time that I said something important:

Thank you. To everyone who contributes in some small way to help make this blog great. (At least, in my opinion the blog is great. The rest of you may beg to differ on that one.) But seriously, thank you. To all the people who have sent me books for review, thank you. To all the writers who have participated in, and wowed me with their answers for the Writers on Wednesday feature, thank you. To those of you who I know in real life who keep coming up with tips and suggestions for the Around Adelaide: Street Art feature, thank you. To all of the authors who have written to me and thanked me for my review, thank you. To everyone who takes the time to comment on the posts, thank you. To all the great cartoonists and comedians who are showcased in the Friday Funnies feature, thank you. To anyone who has shared a link or a post from this blog, thank you. And to anyone I may have missed, or to those of you who are reading this, thank you. 


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