Kathryn's Inbox Exclusive: Slowpoke Rodriguez to Open Pizza Delivery Restaurant

HOLLYWOOD--Slowpoke Rodriguez, famous for playing the part of "the slowest mouse in all Mexico" in a number of Looney Tunes animated shorts, is set to own and operate a new pizza delivery restaurant. "It's an exciting new venture for me," he told one of our reporters after arriving three hours late for the scheduled interview. "Being a cartoon television star is, quite frankly, too exhausting for me, as is having to spend my days repeatedly being chased by Sylvester the Cat, while my cousin, Speedy Gonzales, attempts to use his superior speed to come to my rescue, only for it all to be revealed at the end that I own a gun and possess a superior intellect than your average animated cat. I'm tired of being on the receiving end of all these jokes about being lazy, so I've decided to try this new business venture. I'll be delivering the pizza's personally, which should be an exciting experience for all of my fans."

Slowpoke Pizza's come with a service guarantee of being delivered within the first thirty days after ordering or they are free. 


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