Kathryn's Inbox Exclusive: Teenager Saves Entire Nation From Corrupt Goverment

A sixteen-year-old girl has managed to overthrow a corrupt government today, with a small amount of help from her best friend, a couple of quirky adults and Steele a broody and disenchanted young man who is actually quite attractive once you get to know him. Angelica Simmons, better known to her band of impeccably fit comrades as 'Angel' or 'The Avenging Angel' was once a typical teenager living in a futuristic version of a city that shared many geographical similarities to one famous city or another in the United States. The entire city had been walled and the only mode of transportation available was rail, which may help to explain why many of the residents of the city did not question some of the stranger goings on in their hometown--such as why no two teenagers had ever fallen in love before Angelica met Steele and had complacently followed the government's odd mate selection process.  

Angelica's rise to overthrowing the government came after she and Steele met on a stairwell inside an old, abandoned building. Steele was there simply because he enjoyed the thrill of riding down the elevator shaft; Angelica was there because although she was supposed to be on the way to the special ceremony that would officially betroth her to Lukas, the spoiled and nasty son of a government official, Angelica was feeling quite nervous about the betrothal and decided to run away, despite having never done anything like that before during her short life. After a brief altercation with Steele, Angelica was convinced to ride down the elevator shaft, despite having never done that before in her life either. At the bottom of the shaft, they discovered some poetic graffiti, which they eventually learned was the lyrics to Savage Garden's Truly Madly Deeply. This song (which was banned in their nation,) would later become the catalyst for their relationship, as would a number of high risk and unnecessary recreational activities such as riding in disused elevator shafts.

Although the exact nature of the corrupt dealings of their totalitarian government remain unclear but for the fact that they did not wish teenagers to fall in love, all of the corrupt politicians are now dead and Angelica and Steele have been installed as the new and unquestioned rulers. Their policies include allowing all teenagers to fall in love and to remove elevators from all high rise buildings ...


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