Review: All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

All Fall Down is a cleverly crafted take on how addiction may happen to anyone, no matter how smart and successful they may be. Allison Weiss is a wife and mother of one and a full time blogger whose site has become hugely successful in a relatively short space of time. Add into the mix a marriage that is starting to flounder, a father who has developed Altzimers and a demanding mother and it's no wonder that Allison is feeling a little stressed. Painkillers provide her with temporary relief, but over time she begins to depend on them more and more ...

Dived into four sections, one for each stage of Allison's addiction, All Fall Down details the struggles Allison faces as her addiction becomes more and more severe and her time in rehab. There is a stringing cruel irony in there that much of Allison's addition is caused by a desire to be strong and look after her family, who end up becoming the people that she hurts the most through her actions. The author also has a lot to say about contemporary life and material excesses (Allison and Dave's "home" a half-empty McMansion is an interesting example,) and questions the value of such things. The novel is written in a way that was easy to read and to relate to. 

The ending is bittersweet, though realistic and fitting for the characters. 


Finally, a big shout out to Simon and Schuster Australia for providing me with a review copy. Thank you!


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