Review: Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovich

PC Peter Grant has just served his two years probation as a constable on the beat in London, and is looking to advance his career in the police force. A surprise turning of events--a murder, the discovery of a ghost and a chance encounter with an Inspector who works in the area of paranormal crime, lead to Grant becoming a DC and a trainee Wizard in the Metropolitan Police Force. And then he finds himself on a adventure that takes him through the history of London in the most surprising of ways and leaves him desperately trying to plead his innocence while trying to save his dearest friend and possible love interest who is now in grave danger ...

I was initially quite keen on this one. After all, what's not to love about a paranormal mystery, written by one of the scriptwriters from Doctor Who and with a little bit of police procedural added into the mix? A lot, unfortunately. While this one started strong, it was soon let down by the over-sexualisation of female characters that served little benefit to the overall story, and an ending that was ridiculous and anti-climatic. Although I have read the final chapters twice, I still feel as though I missed something vital that may have helped me enjoy the story more. 

Not really recommended.


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