Review: 138 Dates by Rebekah Campbell

By 2012, Rebekah Campbell had an enviable life. Not only was she the founder of a successful internet startup, but she was the author of a very popular blog and she was giving inspirational talks for female entrepreneurs. But that didn't mean that she was happy--or comfortable--with every aspect of her life. Although outwardly, she was confident and successful, she was terrified for the future. She wanted a family, but she had not been on a date for ten years. What to do? Why, apply her business knowledge to dating, of course. 138 Dates tells the story of her personal journey through online dating in three different countries to find a lasting relationship.

I enjoyed the light hearted feel to this one, though to be brutally honest, I found Campbell's meditations on business to be far more interesting than some of her dating adventures. That said, Campbell's predicament is a familiar one for many women in their thirties who are trying to balance out successful careers with their personal lives, and the concept that many of us are sold about how we are supposed to want--and have--everything, without acknowledging the many hurdles and roadblocks that we will encounter along the way. Overall, Campbell's account is honest and touching (especially the story about her first love,) and many readers will be able to relate to this one.


Thank you to the author and her publicist for my copy of 138 Dates.

This book counts toward my reading goal for the Aussie Author Reading Challenge 2021


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