Review: The Museum of Forgotten Memories by Anstey Harris

Cate Morris is reluctantly starting anew. Following on from her husband's suicide, and being made redundant at her job four years later, she and her son, Leo find themselves moving to her husband's family estate--a place that he hated and never visited, and where they find themselves less than welcome by the caretaker, a cantankerous old woman named Aramantha. However, the estate also happens to be home to Hatters Museum, a once grand Victorian era museum filled with surprising taxidermic exhibits. Over time Cate finds herself charmed by the museum, but not before a series of events and revelations forces her to confront her own role in Richard's suicide.

For me, this novel was a tear jerker in some places, and utterly infuriating in others. I didn't care for the author's style of withholding certain details; I found Leo to be wonderful and well thought out character in his own right without the deception. Nor was I a fan of Cate's romance with Patch, which I felt detracted from the story. There are some lovely descriptions of the museum and grounds and parts of the story are worth reading for that alone.

A story of love, loss and surprising new beginnings.

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Australia for my ARC of The Museum of Forgotten Memories.


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