Review: Supergirl Being Super by Mariko Tamaki & Joelle Jones

Origin stories for all of our favourite superheroes seem to be abundant these days, particularly in the DC universe, where creators are often allowed a fair bit of creative license, so it is fortunate, then, that this particular volume is of outstanding quality. This time around we meet Supergirl as Kara Danvers, a teenager growing up in Midvale with her loving adoptive parents who have very kindly kept her super powers and the fact that she arrived on earth in a spaceship a secret from the rest of the town. However, things start to go awry when an earthquake hits the town during a school sports carnival that costs one of Kara's dearest friends her life. From there, Kara begins to realise that something much more sinister may be afoot until she eventually discovers a shocking truth.

Perfect for teenage readers, this one is an excellent introduction to a much-loved character that will be appreciated by new and old fans alike. Beautiful artwork accompanies a solid storyline. Contains volumes 1 through to 4 of a limited series.



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