Review: Hearstopper Volume 2 by Alice Oseman

Heartstopper Volume 1 ended with Charlie and Nick exchanging a kiss. But what comes next? While Charlie agonises over the fact that he has kissed a straight boy, Nick is busy coming to terms with his his attraction to Charlie. Nick knows that he has liked girls in the past. But now he likes a boy and what does that mean?

Volume 2 is a story of two teenagers navigating their first relationship. For Nick, it means the slow realisation that he is bisexual and that not all of his friends may be happy for him. Equally, Charlie has to wait for Nick to come out when he is ready. Meanwhile, Charlie's friends are all very concerned that he is going to get hurt. What follows is a very touching story, gently told that should have broad appeal, regardless of the age and sexuality of the reader.

This was an enjoyable read, perhaps even more so than the first volume. 


Fans of Charlie and Nick will be thrilled to know that Heartstopper Volume 3 will be released in early 2020.


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