An Amazing Book Find

Being Abigail inside Dymocks
(My hand was shaking quite a bit
when I took this photo.)

Followers of this blog may not be so surprised to learn that I love visiting various bookstores around Adelaide. This evening, I made one of my semi-regular stop-offs at the Dymocks bookstore in Rundle Mall. (Dymocks and I go way back. I remember back in the early 1990s when they were in a different location, which could be accessed via the Mall or that Arcade that ran behind John Martins. That incarnation also had a large discount book section upstairs. My first ever purchase was the 1993 Garfield Annual.) This evening, I stopped by Dymocks. Happily, I began to browse through the shelves, taking in the covers and blurbs of various books, when something very special caught my eye:


There, on the shelf of the biggest bookstore in Adelaide was a copy of my book. 

Never in a million years did I expect this. I have never approached the store and asked for them to stock my book on consignment (the usual process for authors of Print on Demand titles,) nor do I know the management or who selects what titles should be on sale or why. All I know is that this store has decided that my book is worthy of being placed on their shelves. And for that, I thank them very much.


Anonymous said…
How exciting! Congratulations on inadvertently getting your book into a local Dymocks store!
Sounds like it made your day :-)
Kathryn White said…
It did! Thank you very much :-)
JustLikeThat said…
That's great Kathryn, I'm glad to hear of it! Definitely an amazing book find ;)

Kathryn White said…
Thank you JLT. It was something that I never, ever expected to see when I walked in there :-)

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