The Editing Process: The End?

Final page of the manuscript
Behing the Scenes
After two solid, eight hour days of hard bloody work, I have finally applied all of the changes necessary to the master document of Behind the Scenes as well as adding two brand new scenes that will (hopefully) give a key character closure at the end of the novel. (Because without it, my poor unlikely love interest Tom would otherwise be getting a pretty rough deal that he didn't deserve.) Anyway, all of this means that I am coming very close to the end process. From now, the only editing to be done will be to check spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. This is very exciting, but very, very frightening part of the process. It's good, I am proud of it and I think that I deserve to be. However, it is at this point that fear begins to step in. Is my novel marketable, or even relevant to the current market? How am I going to sum up a complex plot in a 300 word synopsis? How confident do I feel about taking the book to a publisher or agent? Should I consider hiring the services of an editor or manuscript appraisal service? (Neither of which I can really afford). Do I have something, or am I just seeing the manuscript through a pair of rose coloured glasses? Only time will tell, I suppose, but for this evening at least I can breathe easy and know that I have come along another step further in the process. 


JustLikeThat said…
Hey Kathryn :D

I love the correcting and checking pencil, that is a must buy! Congrats on finishing another masterpiece and good luck on the rest, if there's sanity out there in the publishing industry, you'll do great :) I read a lot of the reviews on Being Abigail and it looks like a great fun read. *Sticks it down on to-read list* I did read Abigail's blog a while back...a laugh. I loved it!

Oh, and love your 'About Me' bit, one of the most humorously inspiring I've read!


P.S. All of this isn't just to return your comment on my blog, it's all genuine!
Kathryn White said…
Hey JLT! Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! (I did genuinely love reading your blog by the way and participating in a couple of the exercises.) Glad you loved Abigail's blog : )

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