Review: A Good Man, a Screenplay by Vanessa Morgan

You know, one of the perks of a book blog is getting to read some great stuff before everyone else does. And when author Vanessa Morgan gave me the opportunity to review the screenplay for A Good Man, I could not resist her offer. A Good Man, which is currently in preproduction with Radowski Films, tells the story of Louis a man who became a vampire late in life and is now forced to suffer eternity in the body of a fifty-five year old man that comes complete with arthritis and wrinkles. To atone for the fact that he must murder others to stay alive (if he stops drinking blood, he will be forced to spend eternity as a plant,) Louis does his best to be a good man in other areas of his life - his diet is strictly vegetarian, he donates the clothes of the people he murders to the homeless and at one point, he even adopts the beloved cat of one of his victims. Sadly, his attempts at doing the right thing often come unstuck, with tragic and occasionally comical results. I thought A Good Man was an excellent screenplay with a fantastic blend of comedy and horror. Highly recommended.

Vanessa Morgan is the author of Drowned Sorrow and the Strangers Outside. You can visit her official website here.

PS You can read more about A Good Man's development into film here.


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