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Guess what? It's that awesome time of week again, Feature & Follow Friday. Hosted Parajunkie's View and Alison Can Read, Feature & Follow Friday is a weekly blog hop, designed to help like-minded bloggers connect. This week's all important question is:

Q: Have you had a character that disappointed you? One that you fell in love with and then "broke up" with later on in either the series or a stand-alone book? Tell us about him or her.

Hmm, this is a difficult one. [Contemplates ...]

Okay, please don't shoot, but I'm going to choose Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables series. I loved her in the early books, but later titles (from Anne of Windy Willows onward,) she became a very boring adult - she settled a little too well into her role of wife and mother. The series didn't really pick up again until the last few books, which were about her children. 

Another character who really started to annoy me halfway through the series was Ruby Landry/Dumas/Tate from the Landry series by V.C. Andrews. She seemed like such a nice girl in the beginning, then she married her half-brother and had an affair with her twin sister's husband. (Although, granted the twin sister was a real bitch.) And then there was the bit where she went crazy in the second to last volume in the series.


_yay_ said…
Oh what a great pick. I completely agree with you. She was fun in the beginning, but later on in the books...not so much.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I followed back via GFC :-)
Happy Friday!
Kathryn White said…
Thank you! I'm glad you liked my choice! And thanks heaps for following : )
You're actually not the only one who picked Anne Shirley today. I've read so many of these posts today that I'm not sure who it was now, but they basically gave the same reasons. I never read the later books so I will always be in love with her...and Gilbert of course.
My FF Post

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Lauren@THCW said…
Okay, I was all set to explode that you would pick such a great character, BUT, I can see your point. In real life, she would have matured from a flighty, intelligent, imaginative and reckless child to responsible adult. Still intelligent and imaginative, but aware that her roles as wife and mother require a maturity and groundedness she didn't need as a child.

But that's if she were real. In a book, someone actually maturing and becoming responsible as they grow up is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

So I forgive you for becoming disenchanted with one of my favorite characters :-)

Old follower. Here is my FF post.
Unknown said…
New follower!

I haven't read more than the first Anne of Green Gables book, but if she turns into a boring adult, then I'm glad I haven't.

Okay, that got a chuckle out of me, but I thought you were going to say because she was whiny sometimes. Thanks for stopping by :) Happy Friday!
Kathryn White said…
: ) Thanks for the link. Gilbert was awesome, though he barely appeared in the later books. I'll have to keep looking through the blog hop and find out who else it was that picked Anne Shirley!
Kathryn White said…
I'm glad I'm forgiven : )
Kathryn White said…
Hi and welcome!

The first three books in the AGG series are great, but they sort of slow down there in the middle. Thanks for the link!
Kathryn White said…
: ) Happy Friday!

I'm glad that made you chuckle. Actually, I notice no one has commented on Ruby Landry much, who was so very, very whiney!
OMG! Ruby is such a good example for this! I loved her in the first book but then she got all weird. Probably because VC Andrews only had a little shadow of an idea for this series and the ghost writer books were never as good!

Thanks for stopping by. Returning the follow :)
Kathryn White said…
Thank you Kimberly! I agree wholeheartedly about the ghost writer VC Andrews books. The books written by Andrew Neiderman (of which there are now many,) have never matched the standard set by VC Andrews. It bothers me that two or three are still being churned out every year and that Neiderman refers to them as the "VC Franchise" on his facebook page. Grr.

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