Review: Getaway Girl by Tessa Bailey

After being away for six years, Addison Potts has returned to Charleston just in time to crash the wedding of her perfect (and very secret,) half-sister Naomi to Elijah Du Point, the wealthy, ex-military man touted to be the next Mayor of Charleston. It's a match made in heaven. Or at least it would be, if Naomi hadn't jilted Elijah at the altar. Addison finds herself offering Elijah a ride out of the church to keep him away from the prying eyes of the town and the media, the pair strike up an unlikely friendship and ...

Well, who says that two of the most unlikely people can't find love in the most unusual of circumstances?

This started off as an entertaining read, with a couple of great characters and a fun situation. And on the whole, this one is a lot of fun and there is a lot to enjoy within the pages. Unfortunately the whole thing gets a little too bogged down in love scenes and romance. Combined with Tessa Bailey's somewhat limited vocabulary, it all gets a little boring midway, though everything comes together nicely in the end.

A second book in the series tells the story of Naomi, and what happens to her after she runs away from the church.

All good fun, though a little overlong in places.



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