Review: DC Comic Bombshells Volume 1 Enlisted by Marguerite Bennett

Based of a series of collectorables, DC Bombshells re-imagines some of DC comics greatest female superheroes--Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Supergirl and Stargirl--and DCs famous anti-hero Harley Quinn, as they join an elite team to fight the war effort. (Well, okay, there wasn't that much re-imaging going on with Wonder Woman.) This graphic novel tells the revised origin stories of each of the characters and ends with each of them joining the war effort. And the whole thing is quite visually impressive and entertaining.

I enjoyed reading this one, though reading about some of the characters personal relationships became tiresome after a while. I've noticed with DC that there often seems to be a real emphasis on female characters who have intimate relationships with other female characters, to the point where it feels less about exploring interpersonal relationships and more like creating wank fodder for a proportion of the male audience. 

Still, it's a solid story, most of it is told well and the writers and artists expertly juggle a huge cast of characters. 


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