Review: Devoured by Emily Snow

How far would you go to help your family? Would you be willing to make a deal with a longstanding enemy? That is the premise of Devoured, a sexy New Adult romance that is the first in a series by Emily Snow. 

Devoured is short and fairly light reading--I managed to read the book in one sitting. The heroine is Sienna, a young and outspoken redhead who had her heart broken by rock star Lucas Wolfe two years earlier. Now, the bank has foreclosed on the log cabin that belongs to Sienna's grandmother. Lucas has bought the home and promised Sienna that she and her grandmother can have it back--provided that Sienna is willing to work with him as his PA for ten days straight. From there, the novel flips back and forth between Fifty Shades style shenanigans where Lucas holds all the power and a sweet, Mills and Boon style romance. As previously stated, the novel is short and is over before it really starts. 

A good read for fans of new adult romance. 


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