Review: Not Dead Yet by Hayley Walsh

Aussie author Hayley Walsh spins a superb mature age romance with Not Dead Yet the story of a widow whose big life move leads to something wonderful.

Mary was widowed six months ago, after being happily married for 51 one year. She misses her husband, Bob, terribly, but life in their house in Sydney isn't what it used to be. So she packs her things and moves into a retirement village in Queensland. Life there isn't quite what she is expecting, especially not when romance is suddenly on the cards.

This was a fun read, and definite proof that there is no upper age limit for heroines in romance novels. I liked the flashbacks and suggestions of what might have been, along with the lovely ending. There are some sad moments, but that is to be expected, given the age of the main character.

Overall, an enjoyable mature age romance.


Thank you to author Hayley Walsh for my ARC of Not Dead Yet.


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