Review: There's Something About Darcy by Gabrielle Malcolm

Let's face it, Mr Darcy is the ultimate hero for a lot of Jane Austen fans. Quiet, a deep thinker, proud, rich and above all, a thoroughly good and principled man deep down, who truly loves the heroine of Pride and Prejudice, Miss Elizabeth Bennett. But why is this character so appealing? In There's Something About Darcy, author, scriptwriter and academic Gabrielle Martin seeks to answer this question by studying both the original text, various film and television adaptions and even some surprising contemporary retellings and interpretations of the character.

This was a fun read and for me, a great way to return to the characters and the story I've loved since I was nineteen in a slightly different way, without having someone else's interpretation of who Elizabeth and Darcy should be ruin it for me. That said, there isn't much in here that I didn't know already. I've seen nearly all the adaptions (but for the Faye Weldon one,) mentioned in the book, and I always already aware of the fan fictions and contemporary versions (looking at you, Bridget Jones,) that are mentioned in the story. It is interesting enough, though it does drag just a little toward the end. 

Overall, this is a perfect addition to the bookshelves for Jane Austen fans.



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