The Eclectic Reader Challenge 2015

Note: D'oh! I wrote the following post in late December 2014 and somehow I saved it to my draft file instead of publishing it. This is what happens when you try to hold down a job, write books, update your blog daily and drink far too much coffee in between. 

I am pleased to announce that in 2015 that I will be participating with the Eclectic Reader Challenge which is being hosted by Book'd Out, one of my favourite book blogs. The aim of the challenge is to push readers out of their comfort zone by reading 12 different books in 12 different categories. This year, the categories are:

  • Retellings
  • A book set in a country starting with the letter 'S'
  • PI Crime
  • A novel published before you were born.
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Fiction for foodies
  • Microhistory
  • Science Fiction set in space
  • Featuring Diversity
  • Epistolary fiction
  • Middle Grade/YA Adventure
I am having a lot of fun coming up with some ideas about what to read. I can't wait to see what other participants come up with. 


Lol Kathryn, I'm glad you found it and are joining me this year :)

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