Review: Love & Other Lies by Madeline Ash

Love & Other Lies is a thoroughly entertaining lightweight romance with a somewhat surprising backstory. Veterinarian Abby Benson moved to Belgulla, a small Australian town eighteen months ago. Putting a dark past behind her--which centres around her problems with compulsive lying--Abby is determined to make good and not to tell any more lies. All seems to be going well until tourist Rue Benson appears in town and Abby finds herself telling just one little lie ...

I loved this one for its unique premise. I found Abby to be quite a realistic and believable character, give her past and circumstances. Rue's attempts to reinvent himself to appear more desirable to Abby were quite amusing--especially as he is not terribly good at playing the part of the stereotypical 'bad' boy--and it was fun to watch the characters develop, grow and reveal the truth about themselves. The opening chapter--where Abby and Rue meet and rescue a dog that has been caught in a fence--is quite dramatic and the story then leads in to a pleasant and entertaining romance. There are also a couple of teary moments and unexpected twists and I found myself laughing and crying along with Abby and Rue.

A fun and distinctly Australian romance novel about love ... and other lies. 

Thank you to Destiny Romance/Penguin Books for supplying me an ARC via netgalley. 


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