Review: A Hopeless Romantic by Harriet Evans

A Hopeless Romantic is a truthful tale about love and the myth of finding 'The One.' 

Laura is something of a love junkie. Or, she is a hopeless romantic, as the title suggests. Beyond all reason or common sense, she throws her heart and soul into every relationship, believing whatever man she is with at the time to be her soul mate or 'The One.' This leads to an number of heartbreaking situations, as Laura finds herself in an ill advised relationship that simply does not work. Eventually heartbroken, she swears off love and makes some important life discoveries. 

I read this one as it, and a number of titles by the same author, were loaned to me by a dear friend. I'm grateful of that, as it may not have been something that I would have discovered if I had been left to my own devices. While Laura was a little silly at times, I found her very easy to identify with. It was as pleasing as it was heartbreaking to watch her grow and gain new understandings about the nature of love, relationships and self-respect. Recommended.


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