Friday Funnies: What Next, Charlie Brown?

Just had to share this very awesome Peanuts comic book that I found at my local, not-for-profit secondhand bookstore. What Next, Charlie Brown is one of the earlier books (originally published in 1956 mine, however, is a reprint from the 1970s,) and is one of the few that I have seen with Violet featured on the front cover and the only one with her in any kind of prominent position. Consequently, the comics inside are all of the early style--where the humour and reflections on life are far more cynical and Lucy a touch more cruel:

Even the back cover lets us know that Charlie Brown is, unequivocally, doomed to fail at everything he tries:

Oh well. If there was one thing Charlie Brown was destined to succeed at, it is having a lasting legacy. What next, Charlie Brown?


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