Review: The Cinderella Moment by Jennifer Kloester

After some heavy duty reading earlier this week with Kiss Me First, it was nice to delve into this beautifully written young adult romance. Far from being a typical tale of teen angst, The Cinderella Moment is a fun and romantic rags-to-riches tale set against a backdrop of New York and Paris. Angel wants to be a fashion designer, but all of the odds are against her, as she has neither money, nor the right social connections to make it in such an exclusive industry. With her dreams of entering the Teen Couture competition cruelly snatched away by the spoiled and scheming Clarissa who steals Angel's designs and then blackmails her, and with her mother ill and in hospital, Angel's future is looking bleak. 

And then, Angel's best friend (and daughter of her mother's employer,) Lily comes up with a surprising scheme of her own. Lily, it seems, is desperate to study acting at a school in London, but her two weeks tuition clash with a trip to Paris to visit her grandmother, who she has not seen since she was five years old. By chance, Angel and Lily have an uncanny resemblance to one another. And thats where Lily's scheme begins. Why not send Angel to Paris in her place, while she travels to her acting school in London. And the best bit? Lily's grandmother just happens to be a close, personal friend of the designer who is judging the teen couture awards. And Angel might just get the opportunity to stop Clarissa from winning the award with her stolen entry ...

Of course, not everything goes to plan ... But to tell you what happens would spoil the story. (Though I will reveal there is a rich boy who falls for Angel believing that she is Lily.) A few things go horribly awry and truths are revealed in spectacular style before a wonderful, Cinderella style ending. I loved every moment of this cleverly plotted teen romance. The book feels very innocent in places, but that just adds to its charms. The romance between Nick and Angel is a sweet and respectful one. I understand that author Jennifer Kloester is quite a fan of Georgette Heyer and it shows in her work.

This is highly recommended for those moments when you just want to escape and read a beautiful, happily-ever-after tale ...


Amie said…
Great review. I've not heard about this book till now and your review made me want to read it so bad.
Kathryn White said…
Thank you! The Cinderella Moment is definitely worth it.
I'm always looking for books for my teenage daughter. After reading your review I think this book would be perfect.

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