Friday Funnies: Truffles

For this weeks Friday Funnies, I am paying tribute to a minor character from the Peanuts comic strip, the delightful Truffles. Truffles appeared in two different storylines during the 1970s. In the first, Snoopy and Linus go out hunting for Truffles, but find themselves making friends with a doe-eyed brunette instead, who is named none other than Truffles. It is unknown where Truffles lives most of the time, but at present she is staying with her grandfather on his farm. It was, apparently, her grandfather who named her, stating that she is as rare as a truffle. After Snoopy and Linus leave, Linus is unable to make his way back to the farm, which devastates him, because he does not know how to find Truffles again. Fortunately, two years later, Linus and Truffles meet again on a school excursion.


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