Destined to Feel by Indigo Bloome

Fans of Indigo Bloome's Destined to Play will be pleased to know that the second installment in the Avalon series, Destined to Feel will be released on October 1. The author is offering a free extract from the novel on her official facebook page. (Interested? Follow this link.)

I have read through the extract and just as with Destined to Play, I enjoyed the suspenseful nature  of Bloome's writing (it certainly gets off to an interesting start). I also liked that part of this extract was from Jeremy's perspective. It did make me smile a bit when I read a paragraph where Alexa addresses the speculation from other women as to whether or not she is a good mother--as this was one of the criticisms that some readers, myself included, had about the first book, i.e. how could the main character not give a thought to her children and what effect her affair could potentially have on them.

I will be interested to see how the rest of the novel pans out ...


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