Review: Troubletwisters by Garth Nix and Sean Williams

I'll tell you a secret. I love it when I sit down to write a book review and I have a great story of what happened when I purchased the book. This review starts off with a fun one. I purchased Troubletwisters a little while back from a popular department store near my home. As I was taking it (and a few other items beside,) through the checkouts, the checkout operator paused, looked at the book and asked me if I thought it was any good. (Of course I did. Why else would I be bothering to read it?) Anyway, this all turned into a conversation about some of our favourite books and authors, much to the irritation of the other shoppers in the queue who probably weren't at all interested in my opinion on which children's/young adult books were better than Twilight. (Which is practically everything that has been published up until this date.) Anyway, as I predicted, I rather enjoyed Troubletwisters, which tells the story of Jack and Jaide a pair of twelve-year-old twins who are sent to live with the mysterious Grandma X after their home quite literally explodes around them. It soon becomes clear that nothing in Grandma X's neighbourhood is quite normal, from talking cats, to an antique store that not everyone can see. And who or what is the strange voice that keeps calling to the twins? All in all, Troubletwisters is a fun read. I really liked the cats (particularly Ari,) and though a minor character, the crocodile skull.


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