Review: The Waking Dream by Jennifer Ford

One of the (many) great things about writing a book review blog is being one of the first to discover awesome new indie authors. I have a lot of respect for these authors who, at their own time and expense send me their work, sometimes from halfway across the world. The latest indie author to send me her book (which was also beautifully signed,) is debut novelist Jennifer Ford. 

The Waking Dream is a complex tale and one that is difficult for me to describe. The story is set in Illamar, a small city that has been cut off from the rest of civilization by a desert. The two main characters, Dante and Karran are working to discover more about the mysterious woman who visits them in a series of dreams. From there, the story becomes more and more complex, as we watch the characters grow and develop. Much is set in dream sequences, before building up to an ending which does the plot justice.

A little slow in places, this is one well worth your time if you're tired of the same old plots and are looking for something new and completely different.


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