Happy 10,000 hits!

Today this blog passed a massive milestone and one that several months ago, I never would have imagined possible. I'm now fortunate enough to have just over ten thousand hits. Or to put it another way, my little blog has been viewed ten thousand times. Sure, it's small compared to the really popular book blogs out there, but that's still a lot of people reading my blog. Since February, I've had a lot of fun reading and reviewing. Here are some of the highlights:

I love Garfield and when I discovered that KaBOOM were releasing Garfield comic books, I just had to read it and write about it. I was the first Australian blogger to do so, and also one of the first reviewers in the world. Within hours the review was one of the first pages to come up when anyone googled Garfield KaBOOM comics.

By far my most popular blog post, this one received over one hundred hits within the first five hours of posting and still receives anywhere between twenty and fifty hits daily. I was one of the first bloggers to review the book and earned myself a number one spot on google in the process. The review happened after I requested a review copy (on where else but my blog,) from the publisher. 

I probably could have added more theories, but disproving this overhyped and simplified one-line piece of dating advice was a lot of fun. It's probably also the reason I'm still single.

This is my favourite interview of the ones I have conducted so far, and I'm incredibly grateful that the author took time out during a very hectic week to speak to me. 

An early post but a good one, this is my little effort at Sweet Valley High fan fiction with a grown up twist. Was it any good? Probably not. Did it make me laugh? Absolutely.


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