BSC Graphix Update

As fans of the Baby-Sitters Club Graphix novels would know, the eighth book in the series Logan Likes Mary Anne! was released in the United States and Canada a couple of weeks ago, with the Australia release still a month or so away. It is to be the last novel in the series to be adapted by Gale Galligan, who has done an amazing job keeping the series alive after taking over from Raina Telgemeier.  

It looks as though fans will not have long to wait for the next instalment in the series. Gabriela Epstein is taking over as author/illustrator, with the next book to be released in the United States in February 2021. 

The ninth BSC book to be adapted will be Claudia and the New Girl, which I predicted earlier in the year. In the original series, Claudia and the New Girl was book number twelve, however, the Graphix series has a tendency to skip titles completely or to change the order around. I've also notice that unlike the original series, there is a bit of a rigid order--we seem to get a Kristy book, then a Stacey book, a Mary Anne book and then a Claudia book. Following this pattern, I suspect the next book to be released will feature Dawn and will be either The Ghost at Dawn's House or Little Miss Stoneybrook and Dawn. 


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