Review: Claudia and the Missing Jewels (BSC TV Series Episode 6)

Claudia has started making funky jewellery and she already has a buyer! A lady who runs a jewellery store in town loves what she sees when she discovers Claudia selling her wears at a local fair and puts in an order--complete with a fifty dollar deposit--for Claudia to make some more. After working with Kristy and Kristy's young stepsister Karen on the jewellery one afternoon, Kristy and Claudia are shocked to discover that the jewellery is missing. Could Julie, the mature age student who Kristy's Mum hired to do odd household jobs at the Brewer/Thomas house be a thief? The Baby-Sitters are determined to find out!

Once again, this episode works around the premise of the BSC jumping to conclusions without all the facts, and the question of whether they spend too much time with the club and not enough with their families. This is the only episode in the series to feature Karen as a leading character, and sadly, she's reduced to being an annoying little sister, rather than the imaginative kid that I remember from the books--one who was so popular that she even got her own spin-off series. The moral to the story is relevant enough, though.

This is also the only appearance of Julie within the BSC universe. She's not shown as being a maid as such and her studies are mentioned at one point--I think the creators of the show don't want to reduce her to the position of being seen as a servant or in any way lesser than the other characters. She's just a lady who is a little, well, eccentric, and she's trying to make a living. 

This was a little wearing in places, mostly because the mistaken identity thing has been done in a previous episode. And even though Claudia gets her name in the title, this is just as much Kristy's episode. 


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