Review: Betty & Veronica Friends Winter Annual

Betty and Veronica are back and still fighting for Archie's attention in this neat little digest. Most of the comics have a winter theme, and fun abounds as we read the comic capers of these BFFs and a selection of stories that feature some of their friends--from Archie and Jughead to the glamourous Katy Keen. 

This was my first visit back to the original Archie universe after reading Riverdale, and I was surprised at just how young the comics seem--it's definitely the sort to thing that would be of more interest to pre-teens and nostalgia buffs, rather than a strictly teenage audience. This book was published in digest format, and features comics from the Betty and Veronica series which was published between 1987 and 2015. (The series itself was recently relaunched with a more teenage and contemporary feel as part of the Archie reboot.)

Lots of fun. Recommended.


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