Review: The Forever Girl by Alexander McCall Smith

The Forever Girl is a slow and detailed account of unrequited love that begins in early childhood and continues to flourish through adulthood. Clover is a young woman who grew up on Cayman Island. At a young age, she develops a crush on James, a boy from her neighbourhood. Initially the pair are friends, but Clover finds herself devastated when James pulls away and becomes friends with another boy instead. Somehow, Clover's feelings for James continue to develop and grow, and through their early adulthood she follows him right around the globe, always secretly wishing and hoping that something might develop ...

It's difficult to know how I felt about this one. Certainly, the ending felt very sudden. A little more insight into James--insight that did not come from Clover's perspective--would have been helpful I think. Still, the sense of place and location within the novel was quite pleasing and allowed me to travel the globe from the comfort of my armchair. 

Recommended to those who like their love stories told slowly and carefully.


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