Review: Maestra by L.S. Hilton

Maestra will always, I suspect, be remembered by readers as a shockingly bold move--a book that is one part an erotic novel and another part a thriller set in the art world of Europe. Writing--and publishing--this book was a huge risk for all concerned, especially as the novel was to launch a brand new imprint for Bonnier a UK based publishing house. And like all risks, some of them just do not work out. There is little to be enjoyed in this tale narrated by Judith, a thirty-something sociopath who works as a lowly assistant in an art gallery during the day, and as a hostess at a kinky bar in the evenings. A scandal in the art world barely keeps this novel together, the sex is more shocking than sensual, and by the time I reached the cliffhanger ending, I found myself not caring when or if a sequel may be available. 

Not really recommended.


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