Aussie Actress Isla Fisher Pens Children's Book Series

After a twenty year writing hiatus, Australian actress Isla Fisher is releasing another book--and it is to be the first in a three book series. As I revealed on this blog a few years ago, I had quite the crush on Isla Fisher while I was in my teens and I eagerly read both of the teen romance books that she co-wrote with her mum Elspeth Reid. This time around, Isla has penned a humorous children's book Marge in Charge which is about a very naughty and very, very quirky babysitter. According to this article in he Bookseller the author thinks that books are an important part of childhood and she hopes to introduce Marge to as many bedtimes as possible.

I have no news on an Australian release date, but understand that in the UK the books will be published by Picadilly, the same publisher who recently acquired the rights to Frogkisser by Australian author Garth Nix. 


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