Review: No Hiding Place by Alex Clermont

No Hiding Place is a well-written short story about Francis and Estefani, new parents who are holding their child for the first time and wondering at the life he will lead. As they stare at their new son, each recount their lives--being born in a place where poverty and political turmoil are the norm, and only just managing to escape to the United States with their lives. The United States, supposedly politically stable, initially offers their son a better life until the family finds that here they will suffer all kinds of prejudices--those of race, and that of wealth.

I found this story to be quite an interesting, in-depth look at the problems that real people face when moving--essentially against their will--to a different and supposedly safe country. The author has a real gift with his observations of humanity and human nature. The story felt unflinchingly real to me.

Highly recommended.


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