Review: This Girl by Colleen Hoover

In fiction, the course of true love never runs smoothly, not even when the heroine and her hero are on their honeymoon. In This Girl, the third and final book in the Slammed series, Will and Layken's honeymoon is spent talking, kissing and occasionally bickering, while Will tells Layken his side of the story about how they first met and those excruciating, heart wrenching few months when circumstance forced them to be apart. There are a few surprise confessions, but overall this one is everything that it promises to be--a retelling of Slammed from Will's perspective.

I enjoyed reading this one, though I suspect that I probably would have enjoyed it more had I waited for a while and not read it so soon after I had read Slammed and Point of Retreat--I think that I have definitely had my fill now of the characters and their story! Still, Hoover is very clever, and very much an artist, I think, in the way that she incorporates performance poetry into her writing. The story and writing itself remains very true to the genre.

If you've read and love the other two books in the series then chances are, you'll love this one. Recommended.


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