Review: Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover

After enjoying Slammed so much, I could not resist picking up a copy of the sequel and finding out what was in store for Layken and Will. Would they get their happy ever after, or were there bound to be many bumps along the way.

The answer is, of course, the latter. Switching narrators from Layken to Will, the novel examines the difficulty the pair have developing a relationship when they are both college students and full time guardians to their respective younger brothers. And there might just be a manipulative former girlfriend in there as well. Eddie and Gavin are back, with some heavy duty problems of their own and Kel and Caulder have a new friend in the form of their precocious neighbour Kiersten who I found to completely butterflyingly annoying. (Sorry.) 

Anyway, this one is a sweet and enjoyable follow up to a book that completely took me by surprise,. Though it never quite hits the same heights as Slammed, it was an enjoyable enough, clean romantic read and it was lovely to see what the author had planned for a young couple who already had so much responsibility.



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