Review: Murder on the Ballarat Train by Kerry Greenwood

Murder on the Ballarat Train opens with exactly what the title promises and we find the lovely Miss Fisher heroically coming to the rescue when the occupants first class carriage of the train that she and Dot are travelling on are poisoned with chloroform. The reasons that the occupants of the train would be poisoned are not clear at first and neither is why there is no one willing to claim a young girl who was travelling on the train. But in true style, Miss Phryne Fisher gets to the bottom of the mystery, uncovering a sordid secret along the way.

Miss Fisher books are pure fun and there is never any need to analyse them too much. That said, I rather enjoyed this one and it was nice, now that I am up to the third book, to revisit characters who are starting to feel like old friends.

Highly recommended.


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