Review: Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

Perfect on Paper may well be the perfect title for this punchy, well written YA rom-com. I loved every page (and, consequently chapter,) of this story about Darcy Phillips, a high schooler who has a secret life as the person behind the famous Locker 89, which offers relationship advice to lovelorn teens. The best kind of chaos ensues when Darcy's secret is uncovered by Alexander Brougham, a wealthy and spoiled Australian boy. He will keep her secret, on the condition that she help him win his ex-girlfriend back. And even though Darcy cannot stand Brougham, she needs him to keep the secret. After all, she may have been guilty of intervening in the relationships of her best friend and crush, Brooke, who wrote to the locker for advice. But what happens when Darcy finds herself falling for Brougham?

This was such a fun read. The scenes with Darcy and Brougham are so much fun, and strike a perfect balance with Darcy's unrequited crush on Brooke. Darcy's reaction in both scenarios is human and some huge life lessons are learned along the way. Bisexuality and bi-erasure are core themes at the heart of this novel. Both are discussed honestly and in at completely age-appropriate level for YA. None of the characters are perfect and that adds to the fun. My only grumble is that toward the end Darcy becomes a little too self-sacrificing--after all, both Brooke and Ray have made some serious (but totally human) mistakes of their own. Then again, who wants to read about perfect characters?

Overall, there is a lot to love about Perfect on Paper and I am keen to read more from the author.

Highly recommended. 


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