Review: What if it's Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

What a delight is What if it's Us, a story of two teenagers who randomly meet in a post office, are instantly attracted to one another and then find themselves torn apart by a flash mob before they can exchange phone numbers.

Arthur an eternal optimist and straight-A student who finds himself doing an internship in New York for the summer. He's recently come out to his friends and is looking for a boyfriend when he starts talking to a very attractive boy in the post office. He thinks it is fate the universe has brought them together. Meanwhile, Ben is a struggling student who is making his way through summer school, and has just experienced a bad break up. He thinks the flash mob at the post office is the universe's way of getting back at him. Despite this, the pair soon try to find one another, only to discover that they are complete opposites. One is an optimist, the other is a cynic. And they just can't seem to have a successful first date. Are they truly meant to be ... or not.

This was an entertaining little read about relationships, how opposites can attract and the different ways that people can look at the same situation. I'm probably more of an Arthur than a Ben, so I was cheering the pair toward a happy ending, though I liked the ending that the reader gets just as much. Overall, this is a fun, lightweight read. Although it is pitched at a YA readership, there's enough in there for adult readers to enjoy.



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