Greetings From the Unicorner: A Random Sweet Valley Post


Sweet Valley High Flair Collection

Omnibus from the UK

The UK editions of the Sweet Valley books sometimes looked a little different from the ones that were released in the US and Canada. The Australian/New Zealand editions usually looked the same as their American counterparts, however, it was possible to sometimes find the UK version on a remainder table. In the UK omnibus editions containing three volumes in one were also common, as they allowed the books to be reprinted quickly and cheaply, and were often seen by consumers as good value, as an omnibus edition was often cheaper than buying all three books separately. 

This particular edition was released in the late 90s and has stars of the Sweet Valley High TV series Brittany and Cynthia Daniel on the front cover. The Flair collection contains novels from a three part series where Jessica and Elizabeth do work experience at a hip fashion magazine. I'm not sure that I really like the cover, which feels a bit too busy to me. The fact that Brittany and Cynthia Daniels look as though they are about thirty when they're supposed to be posing as sixteen year olds does not help matters either.


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