Review: The Legacy of Sterling Manor by Jennifer Franz Griffith

If you're in the mood for some light romance with an added dash of paranormal, then look no further than the Legacy of Sterling Manor. Holly Jenson is going through a bit of a rough patch when she unexpectedly discovers that she has inherited the estate of her estranged and recently deceased great aunt. Although she feels immediately drawn to the house, and has some very feasible plans to turn it into a bread and breakfast, there's just one thing standing in her way. Local man Derek Sterling believes that the home is rightfully his and he would do anything to stop Holly from moving in ... that is until paranormal forces keep bringing the pair together and they start falling in love ...

This was an entertaining read, one that kept me guessing from start to finish. Although the premise and its execution are more than a little far-fetched (I fail to see why Holly's aunt wouldn't have revealed certain key certificates and pieces of information to her lawyer, particularly when there was an estate involved,) the journey is interesting enough. 



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