Review: The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett and Illustrated by Gray Jolliffe

Sir Terry Pratchett might be best known for his Discworld novels, but this little non-fiction volume about cats packs a huge punch. Pratchett is a cat person. A Real Cat person. As in the cats that we all know and love and can find almost anywhere, as opposed to the mass produced cats that come from breeders. Fearing that Real Cats may become extinct, he and cartoonist Gray Jolliffe have created this little book to educate the public about Real Cats, and campaign for their existence ... Actually, the book is just a fun guide to the cats that we all know and love, and the experiences that are common to many cat owners.

Cats are unique, loveable and often infuriating creatures, and this takes a no holes barred look at what it means to be a cat owner--from choosing a name that you won't be embarrassed to call out at midnight (not that the cat will come when you call it anyway,) to how cats seem to so frequently escape dangerous situations. 

This is an entertaining read from start to finish, though parts of the book feel very dated. The illustrations are hilarious, as are some of Pratchett's suggestions, such as how cats have perfected time travel. I had a real chuckle at some chapters, while others left me rolling my eyes just a little. Regardless, Pratchett certainly knew and understood cats and their behaviour, and how to satirise it perfectly.

Overall, a fun read.


Anonymous said…
This book will not be on my "to read list" for long.

Thank you for the review.

Kathryn White said…
Hello Toffee and welcome to my blog.

I think you'll rather enjoy The Unadulterated Cat.

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