Friday Funnies


I spotted this charming video on YouTube and I just couldn't resist sharing. Most Aussies are (or should) be familiar with a children's cartoon called Bluey. This particular YouTube channel is devoted to seeing how various things from the TV show would work out in real life. Of course, one of the best episodes of Bluey is an episode titled Hammerbarn, where the Healer family take a trip to a hardware store called Hammerbarn that looks remarkably like Bunnings. (The episode may or may not be currently available to watch free on iView. Even if you wouldn't normally watch or be interested in a show like Bluey, its worth checking out if, for no other reason than it's eerily accurate take on modern Australian life.) Anyway, as I said, this channel replicates things from Bluey and much like the episode it is based on, it's pretty brilliant and worth a watch. 


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