Review: Penny Nichols by MK Reed, Greg Means and Matt Wiegle

Penny Nichols never really wanted to be well ... anything. And maybe that explains why, at age twenty-six, she has found herself working a series of unfulfilling temp jobs and with no social life, well, apart from the occasional baby-sitting job and blind dates with wholly unsuitable men. But when the opportunity comes up to work on an amateur slasher movie, Penny grabs it and soon realises that this is where she is meant to be.

This was an entertaining graphic novel, about a woman struggling with her lack of ambition and the expectations of others. The film crew make for entertaining side characters, as does Penny's overbearing sister. The illustrations are entertaining, though I was a little surprised by the size of Penny's thigh gap, especially considering her otherwise realistic figure. The moral to the story--of finding what you love and sticking with it--is a sound one and there are some truly inspiring moments.



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