Review: Paradox by Catherine Coulter

Prolific American author Catherine Coulter is back with her twenty-second FBI thriller. It opens with a twisty scene in which the young son of FBI agents Savich and Sherlock is almost abducted. Meanwhile, Ty Christie witnesses a murder on a lake--but when the divers find the body, they also discover a number of bones and a unique belt buckle. Naturally, there are plenty of twists, surprising connections and red herrings along the way in this explosive thriller.

While I have no doubt that this one will please fans of the genre, this one was not so much of a hit for me. There's nothing technically wrong with the book--it's well plotted and does everything that is promised on the back cover. 

This book was sent to me to review from Simon and Schuster Australia and I thank them for it, and for their generosity over the years sending me many wonderful book and exposing me to many new authors and, occasionally, even new genres. 


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