Review: Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds by Jeremy Lachlan

Jane Doe isn't exactly welcome on the island of Bluehaven. In fact, the locals consider Jane to be cursed and have a special day each year where they burn effigies of Jane and her father. Shunned to live in a rat-infested basement with her father who is in a coma of sorts, Jane lives under the watchful eye of Mr and Mrs Hollow, an abusive couple who resent the task they've been given. At least their daughter, pyromaniac Violet, is nice. 

Jane's adventure begins, however, when her father disappears. Sent into a realm that leads to all other worlds she must fight to navigate this strange new world as she searches for her father, and discovers some surprising truths about herself and her abilities.

This one is a little bit Harry Potter, but with humour that is a little dark and, occasionally, a little bit off. I did not enjoy it as much as I had hoped to, though it had some entertaining twists and some great moments--in particular I enjoyed Violet's return. Actually, Violet is a great character all around. 

The novel is the first instalment in the series, and comes complete with little in the way of closure and the obligatory cliffhanger ending. This book will probably appeal to readers in their upper years of primary school and lower years of high school (think grade 6 to grade 8.) 

Recommended to kids, but adults may find the whole thing rather tiresome.

I received a review copy of this novel from the Dymocks Booklover programme.


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