Review: Stacey's Big Break (BSC TV Series Episode 3)

Okay, I'm going to come right out and say it. How come Stacey's diabetes was never mentioned in the scene where the Baby-sitters all go out for pizza? This was a massive plot point in the books--two books depicted the implications of Stacey's illness, and it was usually mentioned at any time when the sitters had a party that they brought in special food to accommodate Stacey's dietary requirements. I'm almost having a much trouble understanding that as I am understanding why Stacey would give up an entire modelling career in order to attend a play that is being put on by the Baby-sitters club that no one else, apart from a handful of neighbourhood kids showed up to? And why were they pushing Charlotte so hard to participate, when she clearly wasn't interested.

Anyway ... 

In the third instalment of the Baby-sitters Club TV series, Stacey gets "discovered" and starts working as a model. First posing for catalogues, and then by winning a fresh face competition, which gives her a lucrative modelling contract along with a whole stack of other prizes. The only trouble is, Stacey no longer has time for the Baby-Sitters Club, or to help her regular sitting charge, Charlotte, with her lines for a play that the club is putting on. She's not so happy with the situation, so she pulls the pin on the whole thing, and arrives just in time to see Charlotte perform. (Cue schmultz.)

I can't say that I enjoyed this one as much as the previous two episodes. Stacey's decision to quit modelling fell a bit flat, particularly as it didn't really portray anything of the dark side of modelling, apart from Stacey feeling a bit cold in a pair of shorts--I think it might have been a bit more believable (and still kid friendly,) if it had caused her to catch a cold, or if she had forgotten, or almost forgotten to take her insulin. The whole thing starts and resolves easily enough, and fair enough, it is a kids show. Maybe I've just watched too many in a row or something ...

PS Thanks to this episode, I learned why Kristy is wearing a crown in the promotional photo, above. No it isn't because she thinks she's a queen: it seems this picture was taken sometime during the filming of this episode, where Kristy has to wear a crown as she is playing the part of a Prince in the BSC play.


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